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Priscilla B.

I enjoy #WFP4theMany for a lot of reasons! I love how easy it is to work with them! I really loved texting people, especially since I could make calls at the same time and reach such a large base of individuals! #WFP4theMany is just that: for the many, not for the few. I am not afraid to ask questions and I don't feel stupid afterwards. Answers are always right there.

Nancy W.

We come together from all over the country - with different issues in focus — and are consistently learning how to effect change through one medium: texting.

Barbara A.

I am a Massachusetts gal and in this very Blue state, it's often difficult to find ways to have an impact so I have looked outward.

I found WFP after working on Abdul El-Sayed's campaign and was looking for something positive after that loss. I love that we work on a whole variety of campaigns all across the country. I have been involved in political campaigns previously, but never on the same scale and reach as I have in the last year.

WFP is a solid crew of amazing people with the shared goal of progressive change and I'm so glad I found them!

Angie M.

I love the working families party because they really focus on fighting for the people in New York and hear what the people want. From door to door canvassing or shooting out text messages, we always work hard to reach out to voters because we want change and to make a difference. I was so honored to be a part of this organization and help make a difference with my voice #WFP4theMany

Zoltan B.

I dived into #WFP4theMany because after helping Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeat Crowley, anything was possible.

Nilsa T.

I like that I can get involved and help out when I have time.

Joe G.

WFP is how I have been able to make tangible change in our grim political climate. We fight for equality, justice, and a brighter future!

Dana A.

I like being able to jump in to help boost the efforts of volunteers on the ground in election campaigns for districts I don’t live in but with which I share the volunteers’ and candidate’s vision and values for a future that focuses on what is best for all constituents and not just the wealthy and powerful few.

Joshua L.

It was great to contribute, even just a little bit, to the fight for justice and equality in New York.

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