A movement of individuals developing their skills as activists, working collaboratively to recruit, support, and elect the next generation of progressive candidates nationwide. We use new tools alongside tried-and-tested methods of organizing to get out the vote and win campaigns that mean real change at the local level.


Join A Team

Help be a part of building the political party that is fighting for the many, not the few!

Become a member and join a team to get involved:

  • Party in Person: Start or join a local WFP4theMany team in your community! Local teams organize house parties and volunteer events for WFP candidates.

  • Text4Resistance Team: The Text4Resistance team contacts voters with a peer-to-peer texting program, in order to get out the vote, answer voter questions and build the movement!

  • Social Media Strike Team: The Social Media team helps with creating content, viral memes, and spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

  • Call Team: The Call Team uses our call tool to talk with voters, supporters and volunteers in order to get out the vote and communicate member-to-member.


The Mission

WFP4theMany is a volunteer driven and lead community with the mission to build progressive power across the United States. We work to elect the carefully vetted WFP-endorsed candidates who we know will stand up for social, racial, and economic justice. We organize digitally, train together, and share knowledge freely to make effective tools and tactics of organizing accessible - no matter where you live - and often from the comfort of your home! You decide your level of participation and how you like to help and we help you use your skills and passions to be the most effective activist you can be!

See the candidates that make up our program here!

#WFP4theMany candidates are running for office in communities across the country! See a few of our amazing candidates here:

#WFP4theMany is making waves!