WFP Spoke Texting

Thank you for volunteering to text with Working Families Party! 

Getting Oriented and Signing up for Spoke:

Please view this quick video that gives a good overview of how to use Spoke, our texting platform

  1. After viewing the video, you’re ready to open your Spoke account! Sign up with your email address and a password you will remember.  Use the same first and last name that is in your Slack profile (so the moderator will recognize you), and be sure to capitalize the first letter of your name.

  2. Go here: and click Sign Up (not Sign In)

    You will then receive a verification email from Spoke; click the link to confirm your new account. Don’t see it? Check your Spam folder.

Remember, the moderator is in Slack, ready to help you at any point. No need to become overwhelmed!

Keep Slack open while you are texting and turn on notifications for direct mentions of your user name, Click here for instructions: Keep the lines of communication open as the Moderator/Coach on duty will be sharing tips and making announcements that pertain to your campaign.

3. Now you’re ready to tell the Moderator in the #text4resistance channel that you’re ready for your first assignment!

Starting conversations with voters:

4. Start by clicking the Send First Texts button on your home screen in Spoke. Send one or two hundred texts to start.

5. Pro Tip: If you are using a desktop or laptop to send, you can speed-send your initial messages by holding down the Enter button on your keyboard!

get started.png

6. For further instructions: