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Text Out the Vote Texas!

Municipal elections are won and lost by a handful of votes.  

Texas Working Families Party took a look at the numbers from the 2017 municipal election and saw that overwhelmingly, Millennial voters did not turn out. We’d guess, that most Millennials didn’t know that they had missed the chance to vote. We don’t want this to happen again in 2019.

Texas WFP believes local people should be represented in local government, but unfortunately, that’s not what we’re seeing.

So what is Our Turn?

Our Turn Texas is the Texas Working Families Party’s Big Bold Idea to get a few more young Texans involved in local politics. Municipal elections aren’t sexy. There aren’t rock star candidates with celebrity endorsements. But what’s at stake are every day issues that affect all of us and last time, only 1% of Millennial voters showed up.

In 2019, it’s Our Turn to show up. It’s Our Turn to run. It’s Our Turn to decide.

The Candidates