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Wesley Bell for District Attorney, St. Louis County

20180730 Wesley Bell for District Attorney, St. Louis County - 2018-08-07

WFP is supporting Wesley Bell because of Bell’s pledge to usher in a new era of progressive leadership and changing how justice is sought and administered in St. Louis county.

His platform to ending stop and frisk, the death penalty, cash bail, and mass incarceration, along with changing St. Louis County's civil forfeiture laws, resonates with our community.

Instead of treating the opioid addiction as a criminal crisis, he will treat it like the health epidemic that it is.    

Last, but not least, Bell pledges to protect immigrant communities against detention and deportation by federal agencies.

“Its no secret that St. Louis County has one of the worst criminal justice systems in the country. Our community suffers from police misconduct, racist scrutiny of our neighbors, and a judicial system that makes it nearly impossible for those accused of crimes to overcome the effects of their charges. "

Again, that’s why Working Families Party is working to elect Wesley Bell to be a progressive District Attorney who will end the cycle of undue scrutiny and over-incarceration that keeps individuals and families from surviving and thriving.